Day 24 of my 30-day challenge to exercise and meditate for 15 minutes each, every day and then document my process. I ended up having to work with clients due to two of our employees leaving without notice. I had to stop by the store to pick up one of my client’s milk. I barely made it right on time for the shift. I had a pretty productive day. I was still feeling pretty good about the day I had before. I felt the law of attraction was on my side and I was putting out good vibes.

As I was cleaning and prep cooking items for the week, I remembered I had a meeting with another client on the other end of town before my shift was over. I messaged the employee working after me to see if she could come in an hour early so I could make the meeting and lucky me she was able to adjust some things to come in early. The day flew by and soon my first shift was over. Once the other employee came in to relieve me I headed over to the other side of town. The meeting went better than expected. I was proud of myself for staying calm through the whole thing. I felt very in control of my emotions. I was very high on life and trying my best to spread my calmness around.

Really, nothing got solved but everyone seemed calmer this time around. It is what it is. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. I know this but so often it is difficult to accept. Our expectations of other are so high. No one ever meets our expectations so why do we set up unachievable goals? Are the goals we set unachievable or unrealistic?

After my meeting, I stopped at the store and then ran back over to the first client’s house to drop off some items needed for dinner. I stopped in quick, then went home. As I was thinking I thought of my co-workers. Everyone seemed to be very stressed out and chaotic. I thought it would be nice to give everyone a little something to perk them up. Generally, in my past, I try to make people happy with food. I would bake for hours trying to show people I care. People would always appreciate my baking but as I’ve given up most things I find baking to be a bit depressing. I also associate sugar with cancer so I avoid giving that out too. However, I told myself everything for most people is good in moderation. Not me, but most people. So I picked up a few bags of candy and stopped in the office to put some candy on my co-worker’s desk. I thought it would cheer them up a little. When I got to the office another co-worker was there and I talked to her for a little bit until she left to go home. I took the candy out of my bag and divided the candy into baggies for my co-workers. I placed them into their desk drawer and went home.

The heat took your breath away the second you stepped outside. The beads of sweat started pouring down your face instantaneously. So once the sun went down I took my dog for a walk around the neighborhood. We went a few extra blocks and walked for about 30 minutes. I felt pretty good about my day. I felt I was putting out wonderful karma left and right. I thought about the last few days as I meditated and I was very proud of myself reacting with love throughout the difficult times. I noticed the difference when giving love instead of reacting out of fear. I would love to respond with love always. I’d say that’s a pretty good goal. Not sure if it’s realistic but still something to aspire to.