Day 25 of my 30-day challenge to exercise and meditate for 15 minutes each, every day and then document my process. Due to working extra hours I was going to have overtime and we are trying to cut back cost at work. I decided to work a half day on Friday. I still woke up at the regular time. I felt exhausted and didn’t want to get out of bed. I’m assuming this is TMI but aunt flow decided to show up. I know there are some people that think PMS doesn’t exist but let me tell you it’s a thing. I felt very sluggish and drained. My glow of love was wearing off a little and I was pretty tired.

I was going to be productive during the morning but I blamed my monthly friend and vegged out trying to work up motivation. I decided I’d go into work after I ate lunch. I went out to my garden and cut some fresh lettuce for a salad. I then cleaned it and continually carried out all the insects I found clinging to the lettuce. Once all the lettuce was cleaned and all the insects were safe and sound outside, I made a nice salad and heated up some soup.

I went into work and worked for a few hours and then went home. I was tired and didn’t feel like walking right away. I just watched television for a few hours until the sun went down. My dog, Fresca, was getting annoyed with me we didn’t go for our regular daily walk and was staring me down. She stares me down often when she needs or wants something. I groaned and got up and took her on a walk around my neighborhood. We walked for about a half an hour and by the time we walked the sun had gone down and there was a nice breeze. I was very aware the new moon was going to be coming soon and I was focused on my thoughts. My thoughts were that I had cramps and I was tired. I tried telling myself to lie to myself. I took several deep breaths and focused on good vibes.

I talked myself out of meditating in proper zen meditation. I did think for a while in silence as I lay in bed. I thought of my future and what I wanted. I was excited for all of the opportunities that are out there for me. I also thought about all the ways I shoot the wonderful options down. I am ready for change, I’m not sure what change that will be, how it is going to happen but I am ready for something different. I guess I will figure that out when I am supposed to. One more day down.