Day 26 of my 30-day challenge to exercise and meditate for 15 minutes each, every day and then document my process. I slept late but I went to bed late. I got 8 hours of sleep but I didn’t really want to get out of bed. I knew I wanted my day to be more productive than the day before. I went through my closet and tried assessing what I actually needed and what I could donate. I felt connected to too many items in my closet and struggled with the decision to give items away. I got out my pendulum and asked it for each item, whether to donate or keep it. I tried very hard to not question the pendulums answer. I know deep down I am just talking to myself. I was told when you use pendulums it is your inner soul that answers. Sometimes I struggle hearing it so I like using the pendulum to better understand.

I filled a large box and a few bags. The bags I took to my sister’s house and offered to my niece and the box I dropped off at my local Goodwill. I felt like donating all of the items were good thrifting karma and I blessed each item, hoping someone would find the item and love it. I try to send out love as often as I can. I consider it a win if I don’t send out hate but sometimes it’s difficult to control your emotions. Especially when they are intense. Just part of being human I guess.

After I got back from dropping off my donations I picked up my dog from home and we, of course, went down by the river. We went for about a mile and a half walk. I admired the beauty of nature around me. As I looked around I noticed trash thrown on the ground and I sighed. I frowned a little and the crap on the ground took away from my joy. I shifted my gaze to attempt to ignore the trash and my gaze landed on more trash. I wondered how so many people can be so careless and disregard mother earth. I was disappointed in my fellow human race. Not like that hasn’t occurred often lately but still, I guess my expectations are pretty high. I want to be elated that people are out in nature but I find myself frustrated they don’t care for it like they should.

I walked for a bit and decided to sit down and take a break so my dog could rest from the heat. I sat down on the grass and stared at the water. As I look out at the water trash was floating down the river. I felt sad. I sighed and thought about how I would even clean that up. I wondered how much trash is in the Mississippi River, and not to mention every river. My heart sank a little bit. I tried to stop my thought pattern. I tried to be glad people are getting out in nature. Not everyone litters. Many people function in society and can adhere to the guidelines of a civilized society. Other people are doing the best they can. I’m sure they don’t realize what damage they are doing to the environment and the ecosystem around us. Because if they did they wouldn’t do it.  I couldn’t help feel a little sad for mother nature around me. Maybe someday I’ll figure out a solution I guess today is just learning to be more tolerant.