Day 27 of my 30-day challenge to exercise and meditate for 15 minutes each, every day and then document my process. I got a lot accomplished the day before but I was not feeling too productive all day. I went out to brunch with friends at a local grocery store that has a restaurant inside. Due to my lack of options, I got the salad bar. I was very lucky in options on the bar. I had a huge salad with spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, broccoli, carrots, snap peas, olives, almonds and a balsamic dressing (with no added sugar). There was also quite a selection of fruit and I loaded up a bowl with that.

One of my friends just started dating someone and he brought her into town. She seems like a very intelligent and sweet girl. I think he likes her a lot and I really want him to be happy. I was glad I got to see them before they left town but when I got home I felt very unproductive. My cleaning and purging cycle came to a direct halt. I sat on a chair and watched a few movies. I felt drained and I have no idea why. I got plenty of sleep but I was feeling so tired. It turned out to be a beautiful day but I wasted most of it, pissing it away.

I finally talked myself into taking my dog down by the river for a 3-mile walk. We stopped several times along the way to rest as my dog appeared to be a little tired as well. I sat on the bench staring at the river and noticed trash floating downstream. I sighed. I allowed my thoughts and frustrations to come. How do so many people have such disregard for the land around them? Why doesn’t anyone seem to care? I stopped my thoughts. Obviously, there are several people that care. Several people care and do a whole lot more than I do. Some people actually pick the shit up instead of just complaining about it. I tried to correct my negativity and think about all the people in the world that make a difference. There are so many. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have.

Putting out negative thoughts isn’t going to help anything. I visioned yelling at people who are littering. What would that accomplish? Would they listen? Would they just roll their eyes and walk away? More than likely. I can’t fix or change anyone else but I do have the power to change myself. I am not capable of swimming out into the river but I can assure I don’t litter and I pick up after myself. I can start bringing bags on my walk with gloves and start picking up some trash along the river. That might make me feel better. Maybe.